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What is the best gasoline for my brand new Car?

I bought a new 2011 car, but I always here myths on what gasoline upgrade I should use. Which one is better for a Nissan Sentra? I hear Arco is bad. The dealer said as long as its gasoline it should be good. So whats the truth?

    Pete M
    Posted 3 years ago

    There’s virtually no difference at all between specific gasoline brands anymore as all of them bid on large quantities of oil at auction. So, Arco gas may be Chevron, BP, or any other brand.

    Only use the octane recommended in your owners manual. Using higher octane than is recommended does nothing for you except lighten your wallet.

      Jack M.
      Posted 3 years ago

      The owner’s manual should tell you what octane rating to use. Typically 87 (or 85 in some mountain areas) is fine for economy cars like a Sentra. Don’t waste money on higher octane gas unless it’s required by a higher compression engine to prevent pre-detonation. Higher octane gas basically burns more slowly and is less likely to detonate under higher cylinder pressures.

      Aside from that, there’s a lot of hearsay about certain brands being better than others in terms of detergents, etc. Gasoline does age if sitting for several months, and may lose its volatility. That’s why “last chance” stations that don’t get frequent replenishments might have “stale” gas.

      I give some credence in the concept of not filling up when a tanker truck is pumping into the underground tanks. Some sediment may be stirred up and get past the pump filters. The problem is, you may arrive just after a tanker leaves and not know the difference.

        Posted 3 years ago

        Shell and Chevron are the best.

          don r
          Posted 3 years ago

          I haven’t had any problems with ARCO which I’ve used for years. You might just read the owner’s manual. It will tell you what grade gas to use. That doesn’t mean that somebody at sometime or other didn’t get a tank of bad arco gas. Your Sentra will be nice to you if you’re nice to your Sentra. Nissans are pretty rugged. If people round you are not happy with arco, try Chevron or Conoco. Ordinarily you can run it on regular unleaded and I’d say 87 octane, but not lower. I got some 85 octane in Colorado and that stuff had no power at all. I could hardly get on the freeway it was so weak. I was glad to burn all that up, and my mileage dropped from 33 down to 24mpg on 85 octane.

          The lower the octane, the more knock-prone the gas is. That’s why we have high test gas. It’s for ultra high compression engines to use and not knock or detonate. We use knock sensors in modern engines to tell the computer the engine is experiencing knock and the computer retards the ignition , relieving the knock, but also lowering the power of the engine. I had a little engine with 10.5:1 compression and this was before knock sensors and computers and all that. That little 817cc engine blew up on regular gas. It was supposed to be fed 100 octane, and back then there was plenty of 100 octane- I accidentally grabbed the wrong hose. That high compression is pretty common these days and cars can use 87 octane in them only because of computer controlled engine management.

          That owner’s manual is kind of thick isn’t it. Fear not. It’s got big print and pictures too.

            Posted 3 years ago

            most of the gas is the same.it,s the octane you have to worry about. some cars run on premium and some runs on regular. look in your manuel. it should tell you what octane it takes.

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